Pricing and Refund Policy

2Refund Policy

Organisers to set their own refund policies on the eventpro247 website. If there is a refund policy you will find it on the events section. Eligible refund requests should be honoured. However, refund requests that are not eligible under the organiser's posted refund policy will be addressed at the discretion of the organiser. Eventpro247 can’t deal with the refunds; we expect that the organisers and the attendees resolve any refund on their own.

EXAMPLE: Simon purchased a ticket for an upcoming Musical event but found out his wedding anniversary, so he wants to request a refund. The event organiser's refund policy states that no refunds are accepted, so he submits a refund request to the organiser, but understands that it's up to the organiser to issue a refund.

TIP: Not all organisers set a refund policy, so if you don't see a refund policy posted on the event listing or your order confirmation, you can simply submit a refund request.

PRO TIP: If your event was postponed or cancelled, please submit a refund request and select "Event cancelled" as the refund reason. Choosing the right refund reason will help the organiser address your request appropriately.

No Refunds

"No Refunds" means that the event organiser does not grant refunds for this event. You can still submit a refund request for your order, but it's at the organiser's discretion whether or not they want to issue a refund.